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Handmade Reiki Charged Crystal Chakra Healing Bracelet

Handmade Reiki Charged Crystal Chakra Healing Bracelet

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Handmade Reiki Charged Crystal Chakra Healing Bracelet to help balance your 7 chakras. 
Length is 25cm and adjustable 
Crystal sizes 8mm approximately 

My handmade bracelets contains the following Crystals: 

1. Amethyst {Crown chakra} is known as the "master healer"
and will amplify energy and thought
2. Lapis Lazuli {Third eye chakra} is a powerful and protective stone
3. Turquoise Howlite {Throat chakra} resonates with the vibration of truth
and enlightenment
4. Green Aventurine {Heart chakra} It is about the concept of 'loving'
5. Tiger Eye {Solar Plexus chakra} brings optimism and cheerfulness
6. Carnelian {Sacral chakra} will give you the courage and confidence to move forward on a new path in life.
7. Garnet {Root chakra} is a protective energy stone which is especially known for protection from evil


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