Welcome to SoPureHealth Shop. Its a high frequency sacred place of LOVE.

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Beautiful Soul, Welcome to SoPureHealth. Its a high frequency sacred place of LOVE.

I am Claudette Esprit, Holistic Practitioner, Reiki Master, Reflexologist, Swedish Masseur, Holistic Driving Instructor, Intuitive Guide, Psychic and clear open channel of the Divine Source to your Higher Self.

It is my soul’s purpose to be facilitator of your own healing and a conduit of light, love, compassion, soul connection and heart connection with Divine Source presence. Through my Reiki healings, guided meditations, and courses I bring love that carries the vibration of timeless wisdom, grounding and high frequencies from the Angelics and Divine Source.

I feel so honoured to be a guide on your journey of awakening and the deep connection your Soul will experience with your Higher Self and Divine Source.

This is just the beginning......

Love and Light,