Guardian Angels Therapy

As a Holistic Practitioner,  I work closely with Guardian Angels. They love essential oils, meditation music, Himalayan Salts and crystals. This therapy is guided by them solely, for an amazing experience. Essential oils are extremely powerful for the Mind, Body and Spirit and help promote meditative states as well as health and wellness. There are a number of essential oils that can be used to promote positive energy. I have listed the 12 essential oils I love to use in my therapies, with Lavender oil being one my favourites. This wonderful oil has been studied extensively for its ability to calm the nervous system and reduce anxiety.

My next favourite is Peppermint oil which promotes mental clarity and creates a sense of wellbeing. Another favourite is Lemon oil, which works to uplift the Soul and promote motivation. Orange essential oil is known to boost energy and improve mood, while Rosemary oil promotes happiness and helps to purify, energize, and protect. Ylang-Ylang essential oil is great for boosting positivity, promote calm and removing stress.

Essential oil list:
• Lavender promotes calm, reduces stress & anxiety
• Frankincense assists peace of mind & spirit
• Peppermint relaxes muscles & soothes aches, helps with
mental clarity and alertness.
• Bergamot fights fatigue & negativity, perks up moods and
provides alertness
• Tea Tree reduces acne & purifies surroundings
• Ylang-Ylang boosts positivity & calms stress
• Eucalyptus relieves sinuses & congestion
• Cinnamon boosts energy & soothes body aches
• Lemongrass relieves muscles pain
• Lemon uplifts moods & cleanses oily skin
• Sweet Orange improves ambience, brightens &
moisturises skin
• Rosemary improves concentration & soothes skin irritation