What to expect when having a healing session?

The best way to decide what therapy or service is good for you is to give me a call. I will connect with your Higher Self and talk about what therapy suits you best. Another good method is to meditate and ask the question. Once you have decided, we will have a chat about your circumstances on the phone or in-person, and you will lie on a couch, fully clothed, with your eyes closed.  A comfortable lounger and chair is available upon request.

In the treatment, I work with my hands away from the body, starting from your feet and ending by your hands. I allow the healing energy to flow through Divine Source, from me to you, which enables you to be the facilitator of your own healing.

Please be aware that no two sessions are ever the same, as the healing energy is intelligent and organic in nature. You are likely to experience a feeling of calmness, relaxation and stillness which may make you feel tired. Overall, the healing energy will increase your capacity to love yourself allowing you to feel lighter and more at peace. It's a beautiful experience.

Also, in your session I am able to gain insights and bring inspired messages of support from your Spiritual Family while I work and will pass those on at the end of the session where appropriate.

My job is to empower you and guide you to make changes in your life to your benefit. It can be spiritual, emotional or suggested health products information. This information is not medical advice, so research is required.  

Each session usually feels different as I am addressing what I am shown in that moment. Layers reveal themselves to be worked with.

Each session is completely confidential.