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Attunement to Ignite the Light in your Heart

Attunement to Ignite the Light in your Heart

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Did you know that humans have a bright light inside them?

Did you know that this light helps you in time of need and destress instantly? All you have to do is ask for help.  This light is in your Heart Chakra and is from Divine Source.
This service works with Light Elves who are a race of beings native to Alfheim, one of the Nine Worlds. They want to share the forgotten knowledge of the light of the World with you.
The Light Elves love when they can help the human race with a gift given to them from Divine Source. Their mantra is sharing is caring. This therapy attunes your Heart Light so that it is permanently ignited for use, and comes with messages from them at the end of the session.

Duration 45 minutes 


Only available in United Kingdom

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